Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems

We provide filtration systems for the removal of unwanted contaminants in any wet process and have a unmatched team of filtration specialists.

Our filtration system product offerings are currently sold through our Rawson and Industrial Controls companies. We provide filtration systems for the removal of unwanted contaminants in any wet process and we have an unmatched team of filtration specialists with more than several decades of filtration experience and field application knowledge. 

Rawson and Industrial Controls aim to continuously improve your efficiencies through superior products, services and solutions in order to increase your productivity and ultimately, your bottom line. Visit or for more in-depth information about our offering.

Filtration Product Offering

Our vast breadth of product allows our specialists to provide you with the solution that’s right for you. We are a brand neutral filtration supplier which allows us to select the right solution for every filtration need or problem. Our specialists and we have access to the latest technologies to solve a variety of common filtration problems.

  • Bag & Cartridge Filters
  • Basket Strainers & Separators
  • Cartridge & Filter Housing
  • Media filtration
  • Self-cleaning automated systems
  • Self-cleaning screen & disc
  • Package filtration systems
  • Reverse Osmosis/Ultra-pure filtration

Filtration Services

Our filtration specialists solve your problems by:

  1. Understanding your unique application and your filtration pain points 
  2. Collecting data and samples and determining your goals 
  3. Drilling down into your filtration application from the water in (influent) to the water out (effluent) or waste water 
  4. Developing and engineering multiple standard or custom solutions to meet your filtration goals

Results lead to:

  1. Improved performance
  2. Operating cost reductions
  3. Meeting treatment goals
  4. Compliance with industry standards


Our service continues through the complete filtration solution cycle. We look at your system to ensure accuracy after our solution is in place and bring more solutions to the table including training and support if necessary. 

Our services start with understanding your needs. This allows us to define system cleanliness requirements and to ensure they are met through the application of appropriate filtration and fluid conditioning services. Our auditing and benchmarking procedures are fully compliant with industry best practices.

Our steps are as follows, we start by:

  1. Analyzing the current filtration method and problem
  2. Gather specific application data
  3. Design and provide potential filtration solutions
  4. Provide support through the implementation process and after

Complete Filtration Skids

We offer completed and customized filtration skids which are available through our staff of engineers who are well vested with the mechanical, electrical, chemical design and regulatory requirements that apply to individual package filtration systems.

Valves, Instrumentation & Controls

We provide finest materials in the industry today. Whether you are a local solution provider or a Fortune 500 Company, we have the products you need, when you need them. 

Industrial & Hydraulic Hose

ERIKS is a worldwide leading supplier of industrial and hydraulic hoses, couplings and accessories. Your choice for safe, reliable and leak-proof systems.

Sealing & Polymer Solutions

Whatever your sealing needs, you can benefit from ERIKS’ 80 years of experience in sealing technology and our supply chain solutions.


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