Goodall® Introduces the DuraCrimp® Coupling System for Steam Hoses

New coupling system is optimized for use with the Goodall® Inferno and Super Inferno steam hoses to provide superior reliability, safety, and cost savings

PITTSBURGH, PA - March 2, 2016—Goodall® has introduced the DuraCrimp® coupling system, an exclusive and innovative crimping system for the next generation of Goodall steam hoses.

Specially designed for the Goodall Inferno ISO6134-2A and Super Inferno steam hoses, the DuraCrimp coupling system’s bolt-free connector eliminates steam leakage found with bolted clamps and failure risks associated with loose or warped bolts. The ergonomic system provides a permanent connection and long service life, while reducing installation time, saving maintenance costs, and preventing hose kinking.

In addition, the DuraCrimp coupling system’s unique safety handle was designed with an improved operator grip, enabling better manipulation of steam hoses. The handle also acts in eliminating kinks behind the couplings. Color-coded identification rings easily can be applied to the handle to track plant location or inspection frequency, and RFID chips also can be integrated to instantly obtain product data.

Lewis-Goetz and its subsidiary companies are the exclusive distributor of the Goodall® product line. Don Evans, president and CEO of Lewis-Goetz, said the DuraCrimp coupling system and Inferno steam hoses have undergone extensive testing and exceed ISO standards.

“Providing safe and reliable product solutions for end-markets and users are our top two concerns,” Evans explained. “The DuraCrimp coupling system is designed to ensure safe installation and a secure connection. The unique system also is much lighter in weight than standard fittings and clamps, which drastically reduces the risk of injury to the operator.”

For more information about the DuraCrimp coupling system or Lewis-Goetz’s full array of sealing, hose and conveyor products, services, and solutions, visit or call (800) 937-9070.

About Lewis-Goetz
Since 1935, customers have trusted Lewis-Goetz to tailor solutions to meet their mission critical hose, sealing and belting needs. North America’s largest industries rely on the unsurpassed know-how of the company’s long-time tenured specialists to troubleshoot industry challenges and identify problems before they become emergencies. Lewis-Goetz is one of North America’s largest industrial distributors and is the largest company owned by ERIKS North America, which was recently ranked 19th on Modern Distribution Management (MDM) magazine’s 2015 list of Top 40 Industrial Distributors.  Visit for more information.

About Goodall®
Goodall® has produced the gold standard in industrial hose solutions for over 100 years. Throughout the years they have built a name and reputation in North America and are now an active brand in the European market. Providing superior quality products and continually investing in new, innovative and market-oriented hose solutions is the power behind the brand name that has established trust with our customers. The quality of the product is evident with each hose that bears the Goodall logo. All hose connections are tested in our hose and coupling labs and in the field. Our R&D department develops the necessary assembly techniques and our distributors assemble precisely to our instructions so you can rest assured that the end user is working safely while using our products. For more information, visit

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