Advanced Sealing helps Delft University of Technology earn fourth place at 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition

PITTSBURGH, August 28, 2019 – Advanced Sealing, an ERIKS company, helped Netherlands-based Delft University of Technology’s Delft Hyperloop team earn fourth place at SpaceX’s 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition, held in Hawthorne, California, on July 21, 2019. Now in its fourth year, the competition was developed by SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk to spark innovation and challenge students from all over the world to develop the best functional prototypes of self-propelled pods for high-speed ground transportation. 

Advanced Sealing, a leading supplier and manufacturer of sealing and gasket products, invited Delft Hyperloop to work on their pod, named Atlas 02, at the company’s facility in Norwalk, California. In addition to supplying spare parts and machinery, Advanced Sealing created a fully functional workshop for the 40-student team, and enabled them to gain access to shipping and receiving logistics and capabilities. 

Advanced Sealing’s parent company, ERIKS, which also is headquartered in the Netherlands, was a sponsor of the 2019 Delft Hyperloop team. As part of their partnership, ERIKS played a pivotal role in helping the team design and build Atlas 02.

Twenty one international teams were selected to compete in the 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition. After completing a 122-point safety inspection test, four teams were chosen to race. Teams were judged based solely on maximum speed with successful deceleration. Delft Hyperloop’s Atlas 02 pod placed fourth, successfully reaching 125 mph—a 37 mph improvement over the team’s 2018 showing. First place was awarded to four-time winner Technical University of Munich’s TUM Hyperloop team, which achieved 288 mph. Full results can be seen at

Introduced by Elon Musk in 2013, the Hyperloop is an energy-efficient, high-speed transportation system in which pods travel through vacuum tubes and are propelled by magnetic accelerators. The tubes create a low-pressure environment where the pods are surrounded by a cushion of air, similar to a pneumatic dispatch system. Due to the low air resistance, pods could reach speeds exceeding 700 mph, meaning passengers could travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 35 minutes.

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