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ERIKS ( has been a leading international industrial service provider leader since 1940. ERIKS North America offers a wide range of innovative, high-quality mechanical engineering components and associated technical and logistics services from over 100 locations across the United States and Canada.

We provide the highest quality product standards in the industry, along with the peace of mind knowing that our products and fabrication are consistent, location to location, across our extensive footprint. From agriculture to power generation and from oil and gas to food and beverage, ERIKS North America provides a local presence and infinite possibilities, backed by ERIKS’ worldwide network of resources and know-how with over 300 locations in 17 countries.

At ERIKS, we want to make our customers’ industries work better. To realize this, we believe our people are the key to our success. 


How ERIKS makes a difference for you

We challenge you

At ERIKS, we offer you new challenges every day. We have customers contacting us each and every day with complex technical problems and providing solutions to these demands a combination of ingenuity, creativity and passion from our employees. It helps to be entrepreneurial and proactive, too.

We care about you

We are a family business, where people are the main focus. We are a strong collective in which our employees make all the difference. We want to ensure that you are doing well, both from a physical and mental health point of view . Not only in work, but outside of work as well. For this reason, we provide excellent working conditions and organize a variety of activities and programs designed to help you continue your development.

We invest in you

ERIKS thinks in the long term. We want our employees to grow alongside us, which is why we consider your personal development a top priority. We continuously examine your progression throughout your career and assess how we can help you to achieve your full potential.

ERIKS invests in your potential

If you share our passion for technology and want to become a specialist in your field creating innovative solutions for our customers --- ERIKS will invest in your potential.

Our training and development programs and highly skilled specialist colleagues support you to become best-in-class in your field of expertise.                  

Leadership and Development

ERIKS gives you the opportunity to develop on both a professional and personal level. We provide various coaching, training and international development programs.

Leadership development is a support structure for ERIKS leadership at all levels of the organization, helping our leaders to be adequately equipped for their current roles or projected future roles, with related responsibilities and challenges.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diverse and inclusive companies understand their customers better, perform better, make better decisions and are more creative and innovative. Companies that embrace and encourage diversity and inclusivity and who stimulate a sense of belonging have powerful employer brands which make it easier to attract and retain the best talent.

At ERIKS we believe that to be a diverse company our workforce needs to mirror the societies in which we live and operate. We are not only referring to gender, race, religion, age, disability and sexual preference. But we are also mean different experiences, backgrounds, nationalities, personalities and thinking styles.

Inclusion (driven by strong leadership) is as to us important as diversity. This means challenging our biases and giving every employee the opportunity to develop and progress, cultivating a sense of engagement, where the thoughts, ideas and voices of every single employee are valued.

ERIKS Success Principles

Our passion is the pride we take in doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. Passion is about going the extra mile for our customers and leading by example. Passion is also about working together, sharing success, and having fun.

Our specialism and know-how are the core of our business. This sets us apart from our competition. We are proud to be specialists with a deep understanding of technology always curious, eager to learn more. This is how we can contribute to our customers’ success.

The world is changing and this brings great opportunity for ERIKS. We always strive to be in the lead, creating change that matters. That is why we are constantly looking to improve and for finding new ways. We experiment, encourage different views, and allow failure, because we know that this will lead to a better solution.

ERIKS Success Principles have made us successful in the past and will continue to do so in the future. They are an essential part of our DNA. With our passion, specialism and innovation we can truly make a difference for our customers and make their industry work better. ERIKS is proud to serve our industrial customers worldwide. Our people are proud to be part of ERIKS and make industrial customers more successful worldwide. With our skills, know-how, and expertise we make our customers work better, increasing their efficiency while continuously challenging both them and us to improve. View examples of this by visiting


Opportunities for growth

ERIKS is growing and offers growth opportunities for enthusiastic, motivated people. ERIKS gives you the opportunity to develop on both a professional and personal level. We provide various coaching, training, and (international) development programs.


ERIKS is a healthy, growing enterprise with a clear purpose and long-term focus. This brings continuity. We are committed to creating a sustainable working environment , with room for ambition, personal development, and innovation.


Working at ERIKS means working in a very dynamic, hands-on environment where you can be entrepreneurial, take on challenges, and come up with innovative solutions together with your colleagues.

Part of a strong team

ERIKS is a family-owned company where people are at the heart of the business. We are constantly focused on developing our company culture and creating a friendly, open, and pleasant working environment with respect for and confidence in one another.

Proud to be part of SHV

ERIKS is a part of SHV, a family-owned company founded in 1896 that today consists of seven group companies. SHV is a values-driven family business that operates on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. ERIKS has been part of SHV since 2009. SHV has an impressive portfolio of companies: Mammoet, Nutreco, NPM Capital, Dyas, Makro, and SHV Energy. Being part of a bigger holding company enables possible career opportunities beyond ERIKS. 

Visit SHV for more information.



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