Hose Management System

Focus on safety and efficiency

The ERIKS Hose Management System (HMS) helps you to manage your hoses, minimize costs and guarantee safety. With this smart online tool you can focus on your core business.

Why Use Hose Management System?

Do you have a good view on the status of all your industrial hoses?

Do you recognize any of the following common challenges that companies have to deal with?

  • Simplifying procedures
  • Working safe and compliant
  • Tracking of products and their maintenance
  • Lifespan maximization
  • Accessible document management 


To help with these challenges and offer many more advantages to our customers, ERIKS has the developed the Hose Management System. 


Advantages of our Hose Management System

Process Automation

  • Avoid manual work
  • Receive real-time information
  • Have easy access to certificates
  • Consult online data
  • Focus on the core business

Predictive Maintenance

  • Replace hoses in a timely fashion
  • Have more productive inspections
  • Analyze root causes of failure in hoses
  • Personalize analysis and download all information to Excel

Product Life Cycle

  • Know exactly when to inspect or replace hoses
  • Anticipate and reduce downtime
  • Improve inventory management
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Track & Trace

  • Avoid losing your hoses
  • Have easy access to hose history
  • Improve the overview and control over your sites

Mobile Application

  • Identify the hose easily and immediately
  • Instantly check hose status
  • Avoid human error

Technical Advice

  • Receive advice from field specialists
  • Find the best fit for the application
  • Have the right certification(s)

Functionalities Overview

The Hose Management System comes in a Full version and a Basic version. 

  • The Basic version allows you to easily check the details and certificates of your hoses.
  • The Full version gives access to all functionalities HMS has to offer.

These can help improve the safety of your application, maximize the lifecycle of hoses, guarantee compliance, increase uptime and much more. 




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