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Gasket & Fastener Solutions

ERIKS' unique mix of gasket expertise, extensive product range (including rubber gaskets, flange gaskets, etc.), and specialist services help you to achieve reliable seal and leak free results.

Our gasket and fastener fabrication capabilities along with our gasket product knowledge help us to provide a leak free seal for every application. All of our capabilities are focused on reducing a customer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by increasing product performance. Our goal is to ensure a greater rate of product success through making the proper product recommendation for the customer’s application. We not only have the services to provide you with the product you need at all times but also to supply the right gasket, eliminate torque misapplication and create time efficiencies.

Our trained professionals and modern equipment are there to meet those high industry standards that are no longer a luxury, but a must. Whether your gasket requirements are complex or straightforward, we can handle them.

Our Product Range

  • Rubber Gaskets - Our rubber gaskets are available in a variety of materials such as Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, Natural, SBR and a variety of durometers such as 40, 50, 60, etc. Compounds such as Viton A, B etc. EPDM Peroxide Cured and colors such as black, brown, white, tan, etc.  At ERIKS, we will supply you what you request or recommend the right compound, color and durometer based on your application.
  • Flanged Gaskets - Flange gaskets are available in sizes and material beginning with standard ASME/ANSI sizes and pressures as well as special sizes for equipment like Heat Exchanges, pumps, valves, mixers, engines, industry specific plant equipment and materials such as rubber, compressed fiber, graphite, PTFE, ePTFE, mPTFE, metal to name a few.
  • Compressed NA General Service Sheet - We stock and supply a complete line of Aramid fiber general service sheet and cut gasket products
  • High Temperature/High Pressure Grade Compressed Sheet - Inorganic, carbon, and graphite fiber sheet products to handle the more demanding services in the process and power industries
  • Fluoropolymer Sheet - Filled PTFE, ePTFE products and commercial / virgin grade products
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet - Rubber Sheet & UHMW Sheet Products
  • Metal Gaskets - Spiral wounds, RTJ ring gaskets, double jacketed type gaskets, camprofile and corrugated metal type gaskets
  • Fasteners - Studs, bolts, nuts, socket heads, washers, threaded bar and more in a variety of materials, coatings and sizes


In-house Manufacturing and Production

Product Innovation

Gasket application & the ERRIC Sealing System

The ERRIC sealing system is a heat exchanger protocol that has reported leak-free results. ERRIC stands for Evaluation, Radial Shear, Relaxation, Installation, Certification. ERRIC protocols have been used in tens of thousands of heat exchangers around the world, with operators reporting leak-free results, even in the face of plant emergencies and power outages.

CAD Drawing & File Storage

We provide services that will help you manage and safe keep your drawing library.

Exchanger, Bolted Joint Kitting & Standard ANSI Flange Kitting

Our kitting capabilities allow us to provide the right gasket, bolts/fasteners, eliminate torque misapplication and create time efficiencies. Our kits are also supplied with lubricants and CAD drawings. 

Gasket Services

Plant Surveys

Our plant surveys aim to reduce a customer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase product performance by ensuring that the most current gasket technology is used.

Turnaround Services & On-Site Trailers

We offer support for and during turnarounds, plant shutdowns, outages and production stops for industrial companies. Whether it is for emergency repairs or planned shutdowns, ERIKS has the management and staff in-house to work alongside plant personnel during these work stoppages.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

A program that allows you to keep working capital at a minimum while having the inventory needed on-hand.

Customer Product & Application Training

We provide multiple levels of customized training available on best practices and emission / reliability.

View Our On-Demand Webinar And Learn How To Achieve A Leak-Free Seal

Join our FREE, on-demand, hour-long informative webcast through Hydrocarbon Processing magazine. This abbreviated webcast will cover key concepts, findings, and practices that tie loose data into a powerful sealing program called the ERRIC sealing system.

These protocols have been used in tens of thousands of heat exchangers around the world, with operators reporting leak-free results, even in the face of plant upsets and power outages. The expectation for refinery, petrochemical, and chemical industry attendees who implement these protocols is now leak-free operation with:

  • Zero leaks regardless of the number of startups and shutdowns
  • Zero leaks during plant upsets

Years of field application of the ERRIC system materials and procedures has shown:

  • Tens of thousands of exchangers running LEAK-FREE
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Longer average cycle runs between service
  • Improved “bottom line” financial performance
  • Reduction of fines for pipe-flange emissions
  • The lowest documented overall emission rates for refineries and chemical plants in North America (Courtesy of Sage Environmental)


ALKY-ONE™ Gasket Featured in Chemical Processing Magazine

Recently, David Clover, ERIKS North America Senior Gasket Product/Application Specialist was published in Chemical Processing Magazine. The article highlights the success one refinery had after installing the ALKY-ONE™ gasket into their HF acid alkylation units. The refinery installed 3,119 ALKY-ONE™ gaskets during the 2015 turnaround. At the startup, all flanges were leak-free; they continue to run leak free to date.

To read the article on pages 32-33 of Chemical Processing’s Magazine, click here or on the button below.


For more information about ALKY-ONE™, to request samples, or to schedule a lunch and learn, click here.


Sealing technology for Alkylation units

Click here to read about the latest breakthrough in sealing technology for Alkylation units - the ALKY-ONE gasket.

CGG™ gasket products

Click here to find out about our CGG™ gasket product which has been installed in thousands of heat exchangers.

KAG™ gasket - a superior alternative

Click to find out about our KAG™ gasket. A superior alternative to double jacketed clad gaskets in heat exchanger applications.

Gasket and sealing solutions

Download our gasket and sealing solutions brochure to learn more about how our proudct and service portfolio is designed to significantly reduce our customers’ total cost of ownership.

Documented Customer Savings & Solutions Examples

Emergency Response

We performed emergency gasket repair to fix a leak and avoid downtime for a customer. 

Working Overtime

Does your vendor work overtime to save you expensive downtime? 

Seal of Approval

Do you need innovative solutions to solve your leaking gasket problems? ERIKS provides emission free gasket solutions to meet your needs.


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