ERIKS Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints

Our expansion joint capabilities are focused on reducing a customer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by increasing product performance.

Expansion Joint Product Offering

Rubber Spool Type Expansion Joints

  • Standard and non-standard configurations up to 144 inches in diameter
  • Used to accomodate for expansion, contraction, vibration and lateral movement in piping systems sustaining temperatures up to 400°F
  • Available in a variety of rubber compounds that meet criteria for most applications
  • Made with fluoropolymer lining for harsher chemical environments. They can also be made with homogenous fluoropolymer (no rubber) to withstand temperatures up to 500°F and severe chemical applications.

Metal Expansion Joints

  • We provide metal expansion joint supplies both in spool type and flue duct designs
  • Available in a full range of sizes using various metal constructions, a variety of designs and in both spool and rectangular shapes

Documented Customer Savings & Solutions Examples

'Perfect' Substitution

Are you experiencing premature failure of your expansion joints? 

Expansion Team

Can your expansion joint vendor offer troubleshooting and engineering support? ERIKS has the know-how to help your failing expansion joints last four times longer. 


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