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Customers have trusted our know-how and specialization for decades to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase their uptime and provide them with customized and innovative solutions.

ERIKS, a specialized industrial service provider

ERIKS is a specialized industrial service provider that offers a wide range of technical products, co-engineering and customization solutions, as well as related services. We help customers in a variety of industrial segments to improve their products' performance and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Our technical know-how is the basis of our specialism. Over the last 80 years, we have built up deep expertise in the areas of gaskets, industrial & hydraulic hoses, conveying systems and much more. We supply A-brands as well as our own ERIKS products. A strong focus on digitalization and data insights allows us to develop new services and improve processes for our customers. 

At ERIKS, we stand for doing good business. We value long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders, conduct business in a fair and transparent way and contribute to a better and more sustainable society. 

Our 6,500 skilled colleagues worldwide serve customers in their original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and overhaul operations (MRO). ERIKS has branches in 17 countries, with a strong position in Western Europe and North America, alongside a presence in Asia. For more information about ERIKS visit

*While some products are available, power transmission & bearings are not part of our core offering in North America

We make our customers successful by offering special solutions

Product and application support and consultation

Product at the heart

Product and application support and consultation

We provide both off-the-shelf and custom engineered and fabricated products to meet customer’s unique requirements. All backed by our quality practices, valued added services, technical and application know-how.

Industry focused product specialists

Service, life support for product

Industry focused product specialists

We offer a complementary product offering with specialists in all of our core products and markets. Our offering is designed to continuously improve efficiencies through superior products, services and solutions developed to increase customers’ productivity and ultimately, their bottom line.

Ease of doing business and customer peace of mind

Solutions, saving you time and money every day

Ease of doing business and customer peace of mind

We have local inventories of the world’s most well-known and respected brands that provide quick, reliable product supply to meet the ever-increasing need for speed to market. We are supported by an international footprint that allows for technical and logistical support.

Watch our FREE on-demand webcast

Watch our hour-long informative webcast through Hydrocarbon Processing magazine. This abbreviated webcast covers key concepts, findings, and practices that tie loose data into a powerful sealing program called the ERRIC sealing system.

These protocols have been used in tens of thousands of heat exchangers around the world, with operators reporting leak-free results, even in the face of plant upsets and power outages. The expectation for refinery, petrochemical, and chemical industry attendees who implement these protocols is now leak-free operation with:

  • Zero leaks regardless of the number of startups and shutdowns
  • Zero leaks during plant upsets

Years of field application of the ERRIC system materials and procedures has shown:

  • Tens of thousands of exchangers running LEAK FREE
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Longer average cycle runs between service
  • Improved “bottom line” financial performance
  • Reduction of fines for pipe-flange emissions
  • The lowest documented overall emission rates for refineries and chemical plants in North America (Courtesy of Sage Environmental)


Click here for more information or to view on-demand. 

ALKY-ONE™ Gasket Featured in the October 2020 Issue of Chemical Processing Magazine

Recently, David Clover, ERIKS North America Senior Gasket Product/Application Specialist was published in Chemical Processing Magazine. The article highlights the success one refinery had after installing the ALKY-ONE™ gasket into their HF acid alkylation units. The refinery installed 3,119 ALKY-ONE™ gaskets during the 2015 turnaround. At the startup, all flanges were leak-free; they continue to run leak free to date.

To read the article on pages 32-33 of Chemical Processing’s Magazine, click here or on the button below.


For more information about ALKY-ONE™, to request samples, or to schedule a lunch and learn, click here.

A Market Leader

ERIKS North America, a leading specialized industrial service provider, is ranked within the Top 40 by Modern Distribution Management’s (MDM) Top Industrial Distributors and Industrial Distribution’s Big 50 list. We are also ranked 4th on MDM’s Hose and Accessories list.

Safety at Our Core

Allowing a partner to work on site, and to work on your critical assets, is not a decision to take lightly. That’s why it’s important to choose a maintenance and repair partner you can trust.

Safety is integral to ERIKS, both at our own facilities and when working on customers’ sites. 

Click here to read our ERIKS North America commitment to safety >


We are a proud member and recognized on the ISNetworld platform.

Reducing cost of operation and improving product performance

Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) is a key challenge for industries. In ERIKS, you have an experienced partner that can make your business work better and more efficient. The added value we offer customers includes documented savings potential throughout the entire process chain. Our customized products help companies to optimize their cost of operation and produce more sustainably and efficiently, allowing faster time-to-market. 

We see great opportunity to use our products and services to ensure the most innovative, highest-quality and most productive industry. Our extensive product and process knowledge allows us to co-engineer with our customers and improve their products' performance.

ERIKS North America provides value-added services that are geared to provide the following bottom line benefits:

We unite Passion, Specialism and Innovation

To be successful for our customers and make industry work better, we apply the ERIKS Success Principles: Passion, Specialism and Innovation.

ERIKS is a family-owned company where people are at the heart of the business. We are constantly focused on developing our company culture and creating a friendly, open and pleasant working environment where people show respect for and confidence in one another.

With the Passion, Specialism and Innovation that is in the DNA of our people and our company, we can truly make a difference for our customers and make their industry work better. Our people are passionate about technology, want to share and develop their specialism and are always looking to improve and find new ways.

Documented Customer Savings & Solutions Examples

Reacting with a Solution

Are your flanges being attacked by the chemicals running through them? 

Custom-fit Safety

Do you need classroom safety training for your employees?

Alternative Specifications

Does your vendor think outside the box to save you money? ERIKS can create a solution that fits your needs and saves you money. 


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